What we do is insurance. Mutual insurance in Greater Ontario, in the places where people value the same style of living as ourselves.

Who we are is a group of people with a unique approach to life and a more reasonable pace of living it. That sets us apart. Those little differences in our homes, our vehicles and our businesses are what we have in common, with our brokers and our policyholders. It’s what we celebrate with you.

The Mutual Difference

Where’s the difference when buying a mutual insurance product? That’s easy – with mutual insurance you get to talk to a live human about what will work best for you. We don’t believe in putting automated service before a real conversation. Both your broker or agent and your regional office are always ready to chat.

But it goes beyond that, because you get more of a say in what goes on with your mutual insurance company. With regular meetings and through voting processes, big changes occur only when the majority agrees; you’re a policyholder after all, not a number. Your policy is made right for you; you don’t have to change to fit it. And you’re the member of a group of like-minded individuals with the same ideas of how insurance should be handled. We’d like to say that it’s a subtle difference we’re proud of. But the truth is, it’s a pretty big one really. And it’s made us who we are for over one hundred years.

Mutual Insurance: A Little History

The mutual insurance business began in the late 1800s with the particular need of farmers to protect their property from fire. Mutual insurance grew steadily over the next century, surviving the setbacks of two world wars, the Great Depression and other fluctuations in the market from the 80s through to today. Insurance products were added – residential, automobile, commercial and watercraft. One thing remained constant, though, for the now 40 mutual insurance companies in Ontario – their value of personal service, of human interaction and their passion for dealing with like-minded people.

The Commonwell Mutual Insurance Group is born from this legacy. It’s an amalgamation of three mutual insurance companies as of January 1, 2014: Farmers’ Mutual Insurance Company (Lindsay), Glengarry Mutual Insurance Company and Lanark Mutual Insurance Company, and it will aim to keep the philosophy of mutual insurance alive and well as we meet the 21st century head on. The only prerequisite for joining is that you’re proud of your life, of its twists and subtle quirks. Because we get it, we’re individuals. Together.

For more information on mutual insurance, feel free to contact your broker or agent, or visit the Ontario Mutuals site. And to learn more about The Commonwell, contact a broker or agent or your regional office.

The Commonwell: What’s in a Name?

‘The Commonwell Mutual Insurance Group’ is the amalgamation of three legacy companies that shared a “common” history and mutual, cooperative values. But the name is built on more than that; it also represents the relationship between the company, its trusted brokers and agents, and its policyholders. They share common ground in these Eastern Ontario neighbourhoods and communities we call home and share a “well” of prosperity, as is the basis of a mutual. All parties involved also seek to keep their neighbours safe and “well” – this is embodied particularly by The Commonwell’s Create A Ripple Effect Program (C.A.R.E.)

It’s a unique name, a strong name, and one that our staff and brokers alike can feel proud to stand for.