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Are Howie’s tools covered?


There is commercial insurance that covers both right and left hand tools (we’re only kidding about the right and left hand stuff). Contractor’s Insurance covers both Howie’s tools and his site trailer – and with the right Commonwell policy and independent broker, he won’t need to jump through hoops to resolve the issue. If you think your Commercial Insurance may not provide the coverage you actually need when something goes wrong, we can hook you up with a really smart broker today, right here.

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Local governments have been known to change their minds about business rules. Does Uni-Law Coverage in your policy cover you if changes to a building structure bylaw are imposed on you by the local government?

2. Let's say you leave your business laptop at a coffee shop and a guy who seems starved for sunlight sitting next to you turns out to be a hacker and swipes your customer data. Does the Hacker Clause in your policy cover you?
3. You have $1 Million in replacement coverage for your $200,000 business building. It goes up in smoke. All that's left is one filing cabinet with your Accounts Payable records (that figures). Are you covered for the rebuild?
4. You're renting a small office building for your company; the lunch room toaster blows a fuse, starts a fire and burns the building down. What kind of coverage would you need?
5. You mistakenly rent part of your commercial building to a bunch of wing-nuts and they maliciously trash the place; That's okay if you have the Tenant's Vandalism Exclusion.
6. Your business has a fire and you're covered for the damages. But it takes two months to open again. That's tough, but you're out of luck. No one covers temporary business closures.
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