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Is Walter’s Tractor Covered?


The liability insurance on your tractor covers both on-farm and on-road incidents. Now we’re not saying it’s a good idea to simply take that new powerhouse out on the Concession for a joy ride. In fact, we advise against it. But normal use, traveling from section to section, etc., is covered. With the right Commonwell policy and independent broker, you’ll always know where you stand. If you think your current coverage is something less than ideal, we can hook you up with a really smart broker today, right here.

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1. Can I insure my ATV or gator on my farm property policy?
2. My tractor is wicked fast - can I drive it on the road?
3. I buy new machinery every year because the machinery I bought last year is plumb tuckered out. Is my new machinery automatically covered?
4. Do I really need farm liability insurance if I’m just renting my land to a farmer?
5. I have enough fencing to erect a wall between countries. Is it covered in my farm property insurance policy?
6. I have horses that are boarded at a different location than my farm. Are they still covered under my policy?
7. What about if my livestock falls in a hole and dies?
8. What type of insurance are you looking for today? (Select all that apply)

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