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Is Josh’s house covered?


Sadly for Josh, rodent and other pest damage is often excluded from coverage. Goes to show that not all neighbours are welcome. And it’s another good reason to check with your broker or agent about your home coverage before you need it. Are you in the know about your home insurance details? With the right Commonwell policy and independent broker, you’ll always know where you stand. If you think your coverage is something less than ideal, we can hook you up with a really smart broker today, right here.

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1. Is it the law that I must have home insurance?
2. Why is the insurance limit on my building more than I paid for my building?
3. Most older homes cost less than new homes and should be cheaper to insure, right?
4. Rats from the pasture next door ate through the drywall in my home. Will my insurance cover it?
5. I added an original Van Gogh (he's a famous Dutch artist in case you're wondering) to my art collection. Do I have to tell my insurance broker or agent? It's covered automatically, right?
6. I'm a renter and just starting out so I don't have much. Do I really need home insurance?
7. I'm going on a dream vacation. Like, I mean, it will be amazing. My home is covered while I'm gone, right?
8. I'm starting a small business in my basement. My home insurance covers it, right?
9. What type of insurance are you looking for today? (Select all that apply)

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